Despite South Carolina’s unemployment rate below 2.4%, over 68% of working-age residents with disabilities do not participate in the labor market resulting in under-representation. The employment  gap is widening for the disability community in SC.

  • The State of South Carolina is missing a vital opportunity to promote inclusive employment in its over 92,000 positions.
    Unlocking the Barrier: Efforts such as Employment First are significantly needed to develop strong public policy at the state level and to systematically address the barriers that are preventing South Carolinians from being employed.

  • Over 2,700 South Carolinians with disabilities are limited to “work activity centers” or sheltered workshop settings, where less than 5% transition into community-based employment and they may make less than one dollar per hour.
    Unlocking the Barrier: Subminimum wage should be phased out and transition into supports for competitive, community-based employment.

Countdown To Advocacy Day: April 21, 2021

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