Despite South Carolina’s unemployment rate below 4.5%, over 68% of working-age residents with disabilities do not participate in the labor market.

  • The State of South Carolina makes no attempt to promote inclusive employment in its over 92,000 positions.

    Unlocking the Barrier: South Carolina State Government must lead the employment of people with disabilities by example.

  • Over 9,000 South Carolinians with disabilities are limited to sheltered workshop settings, where they may make less than a dollar per hour.

    Unlocking the Barrier: SC must remove any and all basis for subminimum wage.

  • Too often, professionals make assumptions about an individual’s work capacity, building a pipeline to sheltered workshops, underemployment and unemployment.

    Unlocking the Barrier: All agencies serving people with disabilities with public funds should focus on competitive, inclusive employment as the first and preferred outcome (Employment First).

Countdown To Advocacy Day: April 4, 2019

Countdown To Advocacy Day: April 4, 2019