Public Access

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has mandated the accessibility of all services provided to the public. Despite this mandate, the disability community encounters barriers that prevent them from access to programs, activities, and services.

  • Many state agencies do not have an ADA Coordinator or have one who lacks training, resulting in inaccessible programs, activities, and services despite a clear requirement from the ADA for organizations with 50 or more employees.
    Unlocking the Barrier: The state should take the steps needed to account for state agencies’ ADA Coordinators and their qualifications.

  • Public information and communications often leave out individuals who may rely on alternative formats like large print, braille, American Sign Language (ASL), auditory description, or simplified language.
    Unlocking the Barrier: Regulations can ensure that all messages reach all people no matter what.

  • P&A’s 2019 report called The Continued Suppression of Voters with Disabilities in South Carolina highlights how physical barriers limit the disability community’s voice in elections.
    Unlocking the Barrier: Resources for location improvements, means for day-of complaint resolution, and policy affirming voting access are needed.

*The Continued Suppression of Voters with Disabilities in South Carolina., 2019.

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